Northrop SPAR Update

Northrop SPAR Update
General News
Apr 25, 2018

Is it true that ThermoFusion is the only heat treater in Northern California to maintain Supplier Procedure Approval Requests (SPAR) for carbonitriding, nitriding, malcomizing, and general quench and temper work for Northrop Grumman?

We believe it is!

Many of these SPAR’s originated with Westinghouse in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s. ThermoFusion has worked hard to remain qualified to all the Northrop and Westinghouse procedures to meet and exceed the requirements of the SPAR’s.

Specifically, the Northrop Grumman SPARS that ThermoFusion maintains are:

 - C3825 – carbonitride steel

 - C3783 – carbonitride steel

 - C3618 – carbonitride steel

 - A3896 – malcomizing (nitriding) stainless steel

 - A2016 – nitriding steel and stainless steel

 - A2011 – general heat treatment of steel, aluminum and copper

Although other heat treaters are closing, we stand ready to help process your Northrop Grumman work. We also process LAM, Applied Materials, Tesla, L-3, FM and other Prime work.