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Its been a long month, bringing on the hundreds of customers from Edwards Heat Treating. But we’ve received good feedback, and retained everyone from Edwards during this exciting change!

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ThermoFusion Acquires Edwards Heat Treat

Lee Edwards, the 3rd generation owner of Edwards Heat Treating, has decided to retire and merge his heat treating company into ThermoFusion. We’ve known Lee, his dad and uncle, and their dad, for well over 40 years, and we’re happy to help him move into the next phase of his life!

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ThermoFusion Celebrates American Workers

ThermoFusion will be closed Sept 5 to celebrate Labor Day with our families.

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Phone Outages are Fixed, Call Us at 510-782-7755.

Our phone outage is now over, and we’re ready to communicate! Give us a call for any heat treating or brazing questions.

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Phone Lines Down, Use Alternate Phone #

ThermoFusion is not pleased to announce that as of 12:30pm today, its phone service, provided by Comshaft, is down.

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