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ThermoFusion Celebrates American Workers

ThermoFusion will be closed Sept 5 to celebrate Labor Day with our families.

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Phone Outages are Fixed, Call Us at 510-782-7755.

Our phone outage is now over, and we’re ready to communicate! Give us a call for any heat treating or brazing questions.

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Phone Lines Down, Use Alternate Phone #

ThermoFusion is not pleased to announce that as of 12:30pm today, its phone service, provided by Comshaft, is down.

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We Invest in Customer Service, Again.

Once again, ThermoFusion leads the heat treating and brazing industry in its investment in new tools and support for its customers. This time – a $20k investment in IT infrastructure to improve our communication with our customers. While it may seem seamless to our customers, its a big deal, and big improvement, for us!

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Check Out A History of Metallurgy

We don’t like talking about our competitors, but occasionally one does something that is really cool, and worth noting to all our customers.

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