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Specialists in Heat Treating and Brazing

ThermoFusion provides Northern California with the highest quality Heat Treating and Brazing services. We service Northrop, FM, Tesla, KLA and other Prime companies.

Heat Treating

Heat Treating is a mixture of different metalworking processes used to alter the physical properties of a material. It involves heating and cooling materials over a period of time. Heat treating is also used to relieve the stress in a material, allowing it to be more easily machined or stamped.


Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, utilized for millions of different items and uses within society. Heat Treating processes for aluminum require the use of heating and cooling furnaces properly designed for the material. ThermoFusion often brazes or solders aluminum to other materials, as a more thorough alternative to welding.


Brazing is a metal-joining process of which two or more materials are joined together to create a strong bond. As the materials heat, they join together by melting and flowing filler metal into the joint. Filler metals, also known as alloys, act as a joining agent between the two metals to fill any empty space where the two metals did not touch. The two most common processes for joining is either welding or brazing. The two most common welding techniques used at ThermoFusion are the MIG and TIG welds.

Secondary Operations

The processes of Heat Treating and Brazing can very much affect the durability of your materials. We offer many Secondary Options to make sure that your materials are in their best conditions. Processes such as testing, helium leak detection, and thermal fit are processes that help reassure your materials will not have flaws while being used. In some instances the materials that we have work with need to be clean, glossy, and straight in order to be presentable. Depending on how presentable you need the materials, we can straighten, wash, degrease, and blast your materials.