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ThermoFusion is equipped to degrease any reasonably sized part with acetone, denatured alcohol, or methanol. This is done to ensure that oils and other contaminants are not baked into parts.


Films and residues, such as machine oils and paint markings, can be washed away from parts through our short process. The process is economical, environmentally-friendly, and can be done by hand or by machine for multiple part washings. We can also wash all parts after heat treating.


We offer both flattening and straightening services, before and after heat treating and brazing.

After undergoing heat treating or brazing, parts like plates and shafts can be manually straightened using our 50-200 ton presses. Plates can also be flattened with our vacuum flattening process.

Blast (Sand, Bead)

We often sand or bead blast parts after processing to remove scale, remove excess braze alloy, or to achieve a desired surface finish. The bead is the less abrasive blasting medium and is used to achieve a glossy surface finish.

Sand blasting is detrimental to parts prior to brazing, but a good choice after brazing.

Helium Leak Detection

Is your part water-tight? Gas-tight? Is it leak tight?

We can find out. After brazing, we test for leaks using our helium leak tester. Our standard test is an inboard helium leak test, where we pull a vacuum on the inside of the part (approximately 10^-3 torr) and then use our mass spectrometer to test for helium leaking into the part. We can test for leak rates as low as 1×10^-11 ATM-cc/sec.

Alternatively, we can perform an outboard leak test, where we pressurize the inside of the part and look on the outside for a leak. This can be done with water, air, nitrogen or helium. Call our specialist to find out more about leak checking your specific part.


ThermoFusion provides material testing, including leak testing, hardness testing and dimensional testing. We also have agreements with various material testing laboratories to confirm material types, case depth and core hardness, and white layers.

Staff Metallurgists

Anyone can heat treat and braze. Very few can do it right. We do it right.

We have 3 materials engineers on staff, as well as an industrial engineer and a mechanical engineer. We sponsor a materials engineer internship every summer. We have the technical knowledge to both understand and solve materials problems for our customers.

Coordination w/ other Processes

Need someone to machine or stamp your parts before heat treating or brazing? Need the parts tested by a 3rd party after we work on them? Need them plated, painted, ground, or polished? We can coordinate all the pre- and post- heat treating or brazing work for you. Our metallurgists and engineers work with suppliers to procure raw materials and see them through the necessary processes to deliver a complete and finished product to you.

Turn-Key Manufacturing

Really? You want us to build, heat treat, braze, clean, plate, paint and certify the entire part? Sure, we can do that.

Our metallurgists and engineers work with suppliers to procure raw materials and see them through the necessary processes to deliver a complete and finished product to you.

Thermal Fit

Thermal Fit is the industry euphemism for shrink fitting.

Need to create an interference fit but don’t want to smack the parts together and gall or bend them? Use Thermal Fit!

Want to create a leak tight seal without brazing or welding? Use Thermal Fit!

Thermal Fit is a great way to solve problems without adding additional servicing costs.