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2018 Intern Program Update
General News
August 20, 2018

ThermoFusion Hires 2018 Interns.

ThermoFusion, helping make America great through heat treating and brazing services, announces the hiring of its summer intern for 2018. John Sheckel, a Materials Engineering student from San Jose State University, joined ThermoFusion for a 3 month practicum of heat treating and brazing.

As an intern, John will learn and practice material testing (pre and post heat treat), incoming and outgoing inspection, furnace calibration and operational adherence to AMS 2759/D. ThermoFusion is a company focused on the long term growth of manufacturing in California, and takes social responsibility seriously. We began our Internship Program in 2011, to provide practical experience for engineers to better understand theoretical lessons. John is our 7th intern to be hired into the ThermoFusion Internship Program.

For more information, or to be considered for the ThermoFusion 2019 Materials Engineering Intern Program, contact Nils Kjell, Director of Sales & Marketing, at 510-782-7755 x225 or Visit ThermoFusion on the web at