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New McLaughlin Furnaces and Endo Generator
General News
June 18, 2018

ThermoFusion, a full service brazing and heat treating company, recently installed several pieces of McLaughlin equipment, including a 2200 Tru-Mix Generator and an indirect temper furnace. The purchase was part of ThermoFusion’s investment in new equipment and technologies to support current and future customer demands.

Glen Ottinger, President of ThermoFusion, recently reviewed the performance of the 2200 Tru-Mix generator with Jeff McLaughlin, President of McLaughlin Services. Glen noted that the generator is more robust, more efficient, and has less downtime than the previous unit.

Currently the Tru-Mix 220 is supporting two internal quench furnaces and a high temperature tool furnace, almost twice as much equipment as the previous generator it replaced. It has had minimal down time since start up, actual gas usage has been constant even as the equipment and usage have increased (indicating a much greater efficiency), and dew points appear to be within 2 points at all times. According to Glen, the results were better than he had anticipated when researching the 2200 Tru-Mix and other gas generators.

Nick Schreiber, Quality Manager at ThermoFusion, installed and surveyed the McLaughlin Indirect Temper Furnace. He has been consistently surveying it at +/- 10F or less, between 300F and 1400F. Nick reported that the furnace was fully functional and ready for operations only two days after it arrived, indicating both it’s ease of installation and it’s high quality of manufacturing. One of the surprises of the furnace was how quiet it was during full operations.

As the leading heat treat and braze shop in northern California, and as the only Northrop SPAR holder in the area, up-time and performance of equipment is paramount to the success of ThermoFusion. Satisfying both existing and new customers through on-time deliveries and high quality servicing has been key to ThermoFusion’s growth over the past fifty years, and McLaughlin has played a part in that success.

For more information, contact Nils Kjell, Director of Sales & Marketing, at 510-782-7755 x225 or  Visit ThermoFusion on the web at Visit McLaughlin onthe web at